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Our business is to promote Your Business , Build Your Business, Expand Your Business, and Assist Your Business.

Franchise center Limited is Worlds's largest integrated franchise solution company since 1991, and an absolute authority on franchising and licensing. FBL has helped hundreds of investors in selecting the right franchise and, in turn, assisted numerous organisations in international and domestic franchise expansion. Knowledge, Opportunity, Network and Success are FBL 's key ingredients.

The Franchise center is a great information magazine for Franchisor and Franchisee’s in India, Franchise center is your source for top franchises for sale, information about today’s best franchises and business opportunities, and resources to help you learn about franchising and small business ownership. Franchise center provides Business franchise Opportunities, business ideas in india, best business in india, new business opportunities in india.


Franchise center  is a company, which works far beyond the consulting center, in an industry, which is blossoming in India and outside at a quite appreciable rate. With the team of expertise, we thrive to create a secure platform, for you, where business is generated for long-term prosperity. We are not only aiming to cater successful business entities to expand their growth across franchise industry, but also helping the small and medium businesses to get their roots strong under knowledgeable shelter.

Besides, we work in progress with verified brands to crop up as many business opportunities for the potential investors, who desire to start their own franchise business.

In nutshell, we, with the experience of decades, look forth to construct a bridge with right services to connect franchisors and franchisees, hence making way for opportunities to explore.

Franchise center initiative is ultimately an effort to communicate a new nation brand that fits the emergent reality of a new India. The initiative marks a creative and innovative effort at communicating these evolving realities to a global audience, and conducting a collective discussion of what the Indian nation brand entails as the country heralds its emergence on the global stage.

In addition, our magazine THE BUSINESS center plays a pivotal role in showcasing many different franchise systems and opportunities via advertising and editorials. The magazine profiles different franchisers and franchisees each edition, to share their unique perspectives.

Franchise center is a direct platform where the franchisor and franchisee will directly come in contact with each other. We provide you with fair franchise information all to help in making better and accurate decision. FCI has the largest information in India about various companies that franchise and the potential investors who wish to invest in them. If your business is in franchising or selling to franchise businesses, We Can Help You.

Franchise center, act with integrity and in interest of the client. Our Consultants “feel the pulse” and make a preliminary diagnosis at his first encounter with the Client. Here, the Consultant acts as a true Consultant, way beyond the “Facilitator” the Client wanted to hire. We will first clarify goals, discover the roots of the problems, help correct those problems, then guide management and employees towards the desired results. Our consultancy department gets candid with client and offers the opinion regarding whether he is equipped with the right tools and expertise to solve the problem, accomplish the necessary changes and improvements, or whether more specialized help is needed.

Franchise center core focus is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in India and help others to “Be Your Own Boss ” .

In franchise arena, which is vast and impressive, we place ourselves as a road-maker for various businesses striving to expand, with franchisees as their potent business partners. The businesses, which are active under this industry, comprise diverse categories such as retail, real estate, education, health & spa, food & beverages, hospitality etc. We equip various tools, which indeed are the mediums to deliver what you are seeking for, that is growth.

Our sole objective is to work in interest of brands and investors, making it easy for them to meet and stitch business relations for future growth, with the contribution of our knowledge, experiences, and services.

Franchise center has many products which are as :

Franchise center(Website)

The Business center(Magazine)

The Franchise and Business EXPO (Trade Fair)

Brand center LLP  (Company Project Solution)

Business center(Franchise Network Building Solution)

Media center(NEWS AGENCY)

Institue of Franchise Business (IFB)










We look forward to working with each one of you to ensure your expansion into the Indian marketplace is a successful one.

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